Thursday, October 9, 2008

Troopergate - Todd Palin's sworn answers

Todd Palin, the husband of Sarah Palin, has finally submitted his sworn answers to the legislature's questions in the investigation of the firing of Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. The full document is available here.

The Alaska Daily News reports the following:

He also suggested there was bad blood between the governor and Monegan over two other matters:

• An inquiry from Monegan to the governor about whether she once failed to put her Trig, her infant, in a car seat while she was driving.

• The unavailability of a state trooper airplane for the governor's use when traveling to the Bush.

On the car seat, Monegan sent an e-mail to the governor on June 30, 12 days before he lost his job, that said: "Via a soon-to-be-retiring legislator, we received a complaint that had you driving with Trig not in an approved car seat; if this is so that would be awkward in many ways."

The governor fired back from her private e-mail account: "I've never driven Trig anywhere without a new, approved car seat. I want to know who said otherwise -- pls provide me that info now."

Todd Palin, in his sworn statement, said this was a "false rumor," and that the governor was a passenger in a truck, "on a private farm road without traffic at low speed."

"Todd Palin campaigned years for firing trooper."

One Alaskan's view of the gist of Todd Palin's account is available here.