Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worship Spaces

Lisa and Mimi have suggested we post photos of our home churches. There already are some buried here somewhere (as well as recent ones taken when Shel stopped by while traveling - here). But this reminds me that in my blogging backlog file I have photos from this past Easter that I never uploaded. So here they are, though keep in mind that the place is not really so dark (it just looks that way because I've yet to master my digital camera):

From the website:

Grace Church was organized as a parish in 1838. The first church was a frame building located at the corner of Broadway and Columbia streets. About twenty years later, the current site was purchased by Alfred Munson and given to the parish for “the new church.” With Mr. Munson’s financial backing, Richard Upjohn, architect of Trinity Church, NYC, was engaged to design the present building.

This is a parish of the Diocese of Central New York of the Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. Episcopalians are part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, a family of self-governing national churches historically related to the Church of England, who remain in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our worship is focused in the sacraments, particularly the Holy Eucharist (also called Mass and Holy Communion). In the Eucharist we proclaim the great mystery of the Christian Faith: that Jesus Christ has died; that he is Risen from the dead; and that he will come again to save the world from sin and death. The Mass celebrates the sacred mysteries of Christ’s Body and Blood. In receiving Holy Communion, we believe that we are receiving Christ himself, because we believe that Jesus is truly present in the consecrated (blessed) Bread and Wine; they become for us the Lord’s Sacramental Body and Blood.