Friday, October 10, 2008

If they can't win fair and square

Michelle Laxalt, Republican (daughter of Paul Laxalt) speaking on Larry King about the smear tactics of the McCain-Palin campaign.

Update: Maybe Laxalt was too kind to Palin. This week's cover story in The New Republic on Palin reveals the following:
Within a few months, Palin was officially challenging Stein and exploiting the cultural shift masterfully. She welcomed a national anti-abortion group in to carpet bomb Wasilla with pink postcards affirming her pro-life bona fides. She orchestrated an NRA endorsement and a mailing from the group falsely proclaiming Stein, a lifelong hunter, "anti-gun." (Stein complained to the local newspaper that Palin was telling voters he wanted to "melt down" all the firearms in the state.) And, in a move practically out of Karl Rove's playbook, she dwelled on how Stein's wife used her maiden name, going so far as to demand a marriage certificate as proof of their nuptials. Palin's campaign literature proclaimed her "deeply devoted to conservative family values"--all in the context of an ostensibly nonpartisan election. (Stein himself was a moderate Republican.)
Noam Scheiber, "Barracuda," p. 20, The New Republic (Oct. 22, 2008). David Talbot, who told a similar story in "Mean Girl"(published Sept. 23, 2008) in Salon, noted that Stein's wife "died of breast cancer in 2005 without ever having reconciled with Palin."

Doesn't sound like Palin needed to learn anything from McCain operatives about dirty politics.


+clumber said...

An even better youtube! That had me spitting up my kibble this morning!

+clumber said...

And that video of the AIP guy floating around on youtube. Scary dude. I've been to Alaska, and it seemed to me at the time that it was only "sorta-American" - there was a sense that it was different from the other 49 (or at least the ones I've been in). But I guess political lawlessness is alive and well everywhere. Now this is a video that should be shown a lot!

And we can presume that Todd is friends with this guy, I think...

klady said...

Hurrah for Betty White!

Gosh, does anyone remember her in the "To Tell the Truth" game show on t.v.? What with politics and "reality" t.v, one couldn't do a show like that today -- no one would get it.

klady said...

Some of those Alaskans make aging Weathermen look pretty tame.

If you want to do more than spit (like get scared shitless - can I say that? oh yes, this is my place), see this You Tube on Palin and Spiritual Warfare. I'd just love to have this woman in prayer group.

+clumber said...

Wow, is that all it takes? I just "hit my face" and prayed that S.P. just go home. It should come along any minute now, I guess.... also, I think that membrane bulging over the state of Alaska is just a steaming pile of grizzly poop. Hallelujah! Yes, Hallelujah! How's that for spiritual warfare?