Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rep. Les Gara - McCain brings D.C. style politics to Alaska

Rep. Les Gara, Democratic Congressman from Alaska and former Attorney General, is speaking up about the way McCain political operatives are turning Alaska upside down. Whatever one thinks of Palin and the unfortunate family circumstances behind the whole Troopergate affair, the way the McCain campaign has handled the matter speaks volumes about their so-called commitment to good government, ethics, and reform. Rather than have Gov. Palin and her staff speak the truth about what happened, as she first promised to do, and let her Republican legislature decide what response, if any, is required, the McCain people are not willing to trust the people of Alaska or the rest of the U.S. with the facts.

Rep. Gara writes about this events in two recent columns in The Huffington Post. The latest begins:
Since Monday the McCain camp has stepped up its personal attacks against Alaskans. They've continued their D.C.-style tactics against neighbors in this small state....
Round 2 of Troopergate Stall: Part Karl Rove, Part Laurel & Hardy, following up on his earlier report:
As an Alaskan I'm not really angry at our Governor for this mess. I do blame John McCain for the ugliness he's brought to our state this week. His folks have come to my small state to attack my friends, and people I respect, for political gain. In my book, that's not OK. We all mess up time to time. But this crosses the line.

In small states, like small towns, people who act like the McCain folks apologize. Until that happens, I'll keep defending three public servants who deserve better.
Karl Rove in Alaskas - McCain's Spin and Intereference with Bipartisan Troopergate Investigation.

These are must reads.

UPDATE - More on Monegan at Alaska Real.

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