Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Izzy and Lenore

This is a plug for a new book by Jon Katz, Izzy & Lenore. From the description at that author's website:
Izzy was an abandoned three-year-old border collie whose sketchy past and nervous disposition reminded Katz of the dogs he has been closest to over his life. As Katz taught this newest denizen of his animal menagerie to calm down and embrace the rhythm of life on Bedlam Farm, Izzy exhibited an uncanny sensitivity to, and tenderness toward, humans who were troubled, ailing, or ill. It was Izzy’s special receptiveness that led Katz to a pursuit he’d often pondered but never seriously considered: volunteer hospice work....

Lenore was a glossy jet-black Labrador Retriever puppy known as the “Hound of Love”....
For more about Izzy, including some marvelous photos, see http://www.bedlamfarm.com in general, and in particular, the photos and text at Jon's hospice journal at http://hospice.bedlamfarm.com. See also "A Patient's Best Friend" at Slate.

[Hat tip to Ray Bepko, head of our local Mohawk Valley for Obama campaign, who, needless to say, has no time for blogging now.]

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