Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Wedding

Above is the view from the back of the church.

Below is the view from the altar, looking at the chancel steps and the wedding party benches below and the nave beyond.

We had a wedding on New Year's Day. A Burmese couple, one of whose family is Anglican, wanted to be married on a day when all their friends and relatives could attend -- New Year's being a holiday when most did not have to work. So, with the help of a translator, pieces they wanted from C of E hymnals and prayer books, it happened, with joy and a bit of fanfare, organ music and guitar, with the local Karen singing group from the Baptist church.

I can't begin to describe what a wonderful and happy occasion it was, even for those of us with limited knowledge of the people and their customs. The decorations were colorful, with the focus on the benches (borrowed pew sections) up front, facing the altar and the priest, where the wedding party was seated during the music and readings. Food and people poured in throughout the morning before and after the ceremony, at which something like 150 people attended. It was an honor to share their day of celebration.

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Rowan The Dog said...

I liked looking at these pictures.
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