Monday, January 7, 2008

Blog a Dog

I've been working on various essays on inclusion, sacred spaces, the Iowa caucuses, various writings by Frank Furedi (not just the recent deliberately provocative one on spiked), and have thought about entering the recent fray over multi-culturalism, Nazir-Ali's remarks and Jonathan's commentary on those remarks. However, Gracie has suggested that I get the day-job stuff out of the way while she naps and then take her out for a long walk in what looks like will be near-tropical, record-breaking weather here later today (projected to be 58 F -- it was minus 10 F last Thursday). Sounds like a much better plan. Hope Rowan and Clumber and the pups all get out to play today, as well.


clumber said...

Got out, had new tires put on the car in anticipation of another grandpup being born soon and Mrs. Clumber and I have to travel to be there. I anticipate a walk this afternoon, and I have to blog about something as well...

Rowan The Dog said...

I went outside and barked at a cat. Then I took a nap.