Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Time

It begins. No, not the rapture. Winter.


clumber said...

Oh darn. I was waiting for the Rapture. Oh well, call me when it comes, whichever side you and I end up on, even if it's different sides.

Grandmère Mimi said...

No, not the rapture.

Klady, are you sure? We know not the day or the hour.

klady said...

Not certain of anything, but am not aware of it coming with this morning's snow.

However, in late-breaking news, maybe something's afoot because we had to cancel Advent Lessons & Carols this afternoon because of freezing rain and ice that started later. Our poor Organist and Choirmaster is beside himself, as are all of us who practiced for so many weeks, and those who brought all sorts of food for the reception. Not sure if we'll reschedule, either next Sunday afternoon or part of a Sunday service (neither option a good one). So for now, I guess we'll have to stay awake and see what transpires.

Clumber, golly, you really think we might end up on different sides? I know you've been a good dog, so it must be me you're worried about. I say, if the invitation isn't extended to everyone then... well, I guess it's not up to me to make the rules, but it would be NICE if we all could be together.

If I can't go with everyone else, I'd like a carton of Marlboros to take with me. (I'm blaming 'Lizbeth, though I bet MP would kindly share a smoke with me before he's wafted heavenward.)

clumber said...

I hold a fairly liberal view of the heaven/hell thing, so no worries, we're all there. We've tried our best. But keep on going with that cigarette abstinence thing. Nasty habit. Proud of you for being able to give it up.