Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Crazy Ones

Today's junk mail that got through the spam filter:

Hey Karthy,

Here's to you and all the other crazy ones. Check out this 1 minute Apple ad honoring your kind ...

See it here:

Rock on,
Garret LoPorto
Author of The DaVinci Method

You were sent this because you took this personality test and scored 50% similar to the world\\'s greatest entrepreneurs.

[Hey this is fun -- open up an email, click a couple places, and presto a blog entry! All while I'm waiting to get an edit back from the central office. No need to think or write anything beautiful or profound -- just declare my Craziness. Back to my regularly scheduled program. BTW, I have no recollection of taking their personality test, but surely I can blame it on Eileen (though I hesitate since she's recently been maligned by the great Crazy One, but surely she'll forgive me).]


Grandmère Mimi said...

Karthy, imagine! A whole society for the likes of us. I'll keep checking to see if I get an invitation. I'll check my spam folder, too.

Whoops! I think they want to make us better, but I'm having more fun this way.

susan s. said...

Ha! Did you check out the menu? There's one banned by our Guvmint!

pj said...

Rock on with your bad self, Karthy! Hope it's okay if I don't click on that link...

Eileen said...


I may never be able to think of you as Klady again.