Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blame it on Eileen

Eileen has tagged me. Now she should know by now that I don't do memes (just like I don't do email chains and pretty much don't do anything anyone ever tells me to do). But, the hour is late, and this sure beats working for the moment, and I don't have the presence of mind to speak to all those to whom I've long missed writing, so here goes my belated thankful thoughts, now that we're past the Thanksgiving holiday (best commemorated by Sarcastic Lutheran) and Black Friday.

Seriously, what am I thankful for?

1. God's grace and love. Truly. Lately it seems like I've been blessed with God's special care and attention which, I'm afraid, often hits me most when I haven't been paying much attention myself.

2. My husband. He can be very difficult to get along with at times (as can I), but he is faithful and dutiful in ways that are astonishing. I am thankful and honored to have his love.

3. The internet. As much as I curse it at times when I let myself get overloaded with all that is out there, it brings a richness to life I could have scarcely imagined a few years ago. While I cannot spend as much time establishing personal connections as I'd like, it is so wonderful to be able to read others' thoughts, likeminded and otherwise.

4. My backyard, neighborhood, and place in the world. I've never been so happy about where I live. The physical environment is beautiful. It's a wonderful place to come home to, one I need to get know better before we must leave someday when we retire.

5. My kids. No doubt I am too wrapped up in them and their lives, but I never cease to be amazed that they and I got this far together. I never really planned on having children, and they did not arrive until my late, late 30's. But they have taught me so much, challenged just about everything about me, and occasionally make me feel I have something worthwhile to offer others. Of course they drive me crazy, too, but.... Funny about my daughter deciding at the last minute that we just had to clear off the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner (we were going to eat at the everyday table in the family room instead), and she actually found a cloth tablecloth and napkins, washed and dried them, and set the table with candles. God knows how it happened, but we're family and I guess we have some kind of family traditions, or at least moments.

Well, that was five. Pretty obvious stuff, I guess. Memes should be kind of funny and different. I suppose I could add a few more -- beagles, smells and bells high Episcopal liturgy, fresh popcorn, swimming pools, swimming in salt seawater, soft and fluffy snowflakes, unexpectedly finding a laundry basket of clean underwear, peanut butter, curling up in bed with a good book, and............ well, that's a start.


clumber said...

>> beagles

Beagles? Harumph!

klady said...

Well, maybe that should be thankfulness for ALL dogs. I'm just rather fond of the Gracie pup here at home, and well, we've got something like a total of 5 in the parish. You know, you're the only clumber I've ever met. I am thankful for you and clumbers everywhere.

Eileen said...

YAY! Excellent stuff to be thankful for - no shaming in being thankful for the stuff of life, you know?


Grandmère Mimi said...

Klady, you don't write often, but you write good. That's lovely. Perhaps this is a meme that I should have given thought to and attempted to put into words.