Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Came As No Surprise

Eucharistic theology
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You scored as Catholic

You are a Catholic. You believe that the bread and wine are transformed by the priest and become the Body and Blood of Christ. Though the accidents, or appearance, of bread and wine remain, the substance has been changed. The Eucharist remains the Body and Blood of Christ after the celebration, and is reserved in the Tabernacle; Eucharistic devotions are proper. As the whole Christ is present under either species, you partake fully of the Eucharist even if you receive only one.

Catholic 100%
Orthodox 75%
Luther 25%
Calvin 25%
Zwingli 19%
Unitarian 13%

But ain't no way I'm posting a photo of Benny on my blog!

Quiz thanks to Eileen and Sharecropper

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