Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Thanks be to Shel (pseudopiskie) for getting the best set of photos of The Gathering of all the photos currenlty circulating on the web. She even has probably the only one of me at the restaurant. Please go see them all at her site, but I just had to "borrow" a couple. I confess it's my own fault for avoiding the cameras whenever I could (unlike Tobias who quipped, "I feel like Princess Diana") -- for good reason, as you can see (vanity, not fear of being publicly associated with the company). But now I've gone public in all the group photos (my husband was telling me over my cell phone while I was delayed at JFK that my photo was "everywhere" -- he said with bemusement and to tease me, since he knows I don't like to be in photos), I might as well come clean with you all. So, here's the evidence that I really was There, thanks to Shel:

The Evensong Group.

Doug and me.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Klady, I loved meeting you and enjoyed spending time with you. Tuesday night was quite a night, wasn't it?

My plane was one and a half hours late getting out of JFK today. I'm going to avoid that airport if it's at all possible in the future. I'll do some writing about the gathering tomorrow.

Allie said...

That's an interesting point, other than the group shot, I only found you in one of mine.

Oh, and I tend to recommend Newark airport - and you can take the train to get there.