Friday, December 4, 2009

Last glimpse

Last photo of Jim, taken at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Chenango Bridge, Saturday, November 14, 2009, shortly before he was stricken with chest pains and died approximately two hours later.

(Sent by Lynda Helmer, who wrote: "This attachment is a photo of Jim. My brother was the photographer for Dorothy Pierce's ordination and, by the grace of God, happened to snap this photo. It was taken of Jim literally moments before he became symptomatic. I love the photo because it really shows him doing something he really loved to do....celebrate a new ministry.")


Caminante said...

He is putting on or adjusting his stole, such a natural thing for a priest to do, something that one does with love. I have tears looking at this photo, not ever having met him or you but knowing how precious it is. I continue to pray for you in this time of change.

Fran said...

Seeing this makes me weep Kathy! It is a beautiful photo. I have driven by that church literally hundreds of times.

So many prayers, so many prayers.