Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


o-mom said...

Did you know I went to college with the guy who played Cameron? Small world. Think of all the people that puts you a couple of degrees of separation from- including Kevin Bacon! (Alan Ruck was in Young Guns II with Kiefer Sutherland who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon).

klady said...

Really! And I went to school with the guy who played the principal -- Jeffrey someone or another -- the guy who was in Amadeus. Well at least he as a L.U. drama grad (don't recall offhand if we were on campus at the same time).

Degrees of separation. Hmmm.... I saw the video on that. So we're all connected somehow.

I was more impressed with you seeing Rudolph Nureyev being a jerk (or did you just hear it secondhand?).

So... DH is sound asleep while we were watching Ferris Bueller on t.v. So do I switch to Grand Hotel or Red Shoes on free movies on demand or what? Only two glasses of cabernet into the evening. Children safely at friends and not driving.