Friday, November 21, 2008

Moses "Teish" Cannon R.I.P.

Mourning angel at the churchyard of San Miniato al Monte (Firenze) in Firenze, Italy. Photo by Mark Voorendt, April 2001. (Wikimedia Commons)
Dwight R. DeLee shot and killed Moses "Teish" Cannon with a .22-caliber rifle Friday night because he didn't like that Cannon was openly gay, Syracuse police said....

"There was no previous argument between these individuals, there was no previous fight, there was no bad blood," Miguel said. "Our suspect took a rifle and shot and killed this person, also wounding his brother, for the sole reason he didn't care for the sexual preference of our victim.
Syracuse Post-Standard. More at Pam's Houseblend. (HT to Closeted Pastor). [Note: Teish was trans, not gay.]

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