Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grizzly Bear DNA - Again?

photo Wikipedia, Chris Servheen/USFWS

O.K. I know it's long past time that I should turn off the t.v., radio, and internet news, but... I just heard McCain giving his stump speech in Franklin, Pennsylvania today, and he said it again: "I don't know if it was a paternity issue or criminal, but it was a waste of money," scoffing at the research that collected grizzly bear DNA. The claim that this study was frivolous was debunked many months ago. See, for example, this March 2008 article in Scientific American and this February 2008 article in the Seattle Times.

Remember when "thoughtful" Republicans held out this hope:
Among the possibilities that John McCain offered to those Republicans and Democrats who were looking for someone who could change the direction of that party, one that was not widely discussed but which was nevertheless significant, was the opportunity to remove the unfortunate disconnect between the current administration and the scientific community.
Lawrence Krauss, "McCain Risks Becoming the Anti-Science Candidate" (Sept. 2, 1998).

After the Palin fruit fly debacle, one might have thought that McCain would back off on the grizzlies, but no.... it's trash science, education, and research all the way.

UPDATE: See "The New Know-Nothings"

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