Friday, October 31, 2008

Studs Terkel , A True Socialist - R.I.P.

Studs died today at his home at the age of 96. It is hard to believe that he will no longer be with us, and so sad that he had to see the tenor of McCarthyism returning to public life. Just goes to show what kind of associations one might make hanging out in Chicago -- folks like Saul Alinksy, the founder of community organizing.

Growing up with Studs Terkel on the radio was extraordinary. I can't recall the number of times when I'd tune in WFMT and find that remarkable mind and voice. I never knew what I'd hear or learn from those marvelous rambling-with-a-purpose conversations.

NPR has some recordings of Studs' interviews with Louis Armstrong, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan as well as an interview with Studs here. Amy Goodman did an interview with him in 1997 available here. Today's article from the Chicago Tribune here, with its own video.


o-mom said...

I have to share with you what my daughter said because we shared a smile in memory of Studs- "I sure hope he voted early. He's from Chicago, he'd love the irony!"

Then again, it's Chicago, if he didn't, it doesn't mean he won't.

klady said...