Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Christain "Right" takes on the Alaska Legislature in Troopergate

Just when you thought that things were quieting down a bit in terms of totally weird and scary news about Sarah Palin, there's more. The Liberty Legal Institute, a private legal aid organization that supposedly defends religious rights, is FUNDING the court action brought by five Republican state legislators to STOP the legislature's Troopergate investigation. They just lost round one in the trial court, but the Alaska Supreme Court has agreed to hear an expedited appeal so they can decide the case by next Thursday, the day before the legislature's investigative report is due to be published.

Read the whole story and updates at The Immoral Minority, "Republican stormtroopers, the dark side of the force, and the future of our country"

See also Shannyn Moore - Just a Girl from Homer, who gives further details and a heartfelt Alaskan reponse in "GET THE F*%# OUT OF MY STATE!" She quotes the following concerning the Liberty Legal Institute:
"The question the list raises is what interest does this firm have in the firing of a Police Commissioner in Alaska? Nothing in their past or in their charter shows an interest in such cases. They have no offices outside the state of Texas and work only pro bono cases related to civil liberties.

Enter the Arlington Group.

LLI is a member of the 75-member “Arlington Group”, a Washington-based, religious-right consortium which seeks to influence government policy on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. The Arlington group was founded in 2002 through the joint effort of powerful members of the religious right including Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, D. James Kennedy, Gary Bauer and Rod Parsley.

The groups first director was James Dobson. Although very influential then and now, the Arlington Group famously stubbed it’s toe when they threatened, in 2005, to oppose President George W. Bush’s Social Security Reforms if he did not come out strongly against same-sex marriage. The media was angered and the compliance of the Bush administration failed to stem the tide of same-sex marriage legislation.

The Arlington Group effectively limits its self to what its members agree on. Pooled resources go toward the election and appointment of judges with anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage records. The group does discuss the possibility of getting behind a particular candidate, but it is not necessary that they agree. They are very effectively tied into a couple of very narrowly defined issues with which all members totally agree. The election of politicians is basically a means to the end of those politicians appointing judges who share their agenda.”

[from Daily Kos]
This is too much for me, a lawyer and defender of civil liberties and religious freedom, a little old white lady who attends church weekly, who is mad as hell and ain't going to take this stuff anymore! These folks who pimp and distort religion, not to mention threaten the future of us all, believers and atheists alike, have got to be defeated. Off to plant my yard signs and write some letters. You can do the same at

And don't forget the real defenders of freedom of thought and belief - the American CivilLiberties Union. Among other things, they are fighting the new, revised (and not so improved) FBI guidelines on investigating anyone they suspect might be involved in terrorism.

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