Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin Speaks

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"I'll try and find some and bring'em to you."

Now I feel better.


the Reverend boy said...

Two words come to mind: Train wreck.

klady said...

Yep. Regardless of what one thinks of her lack of knowledge and experience, I really thought she'd handle herself better. This gets scarier and scarier.

+clumber said...

Sarah says:
"Okay, another homework assignment for when I go back to Alaska. Let's see, first I've got that stupid English assignment about how to construct a sentence, then in ancient history I've gotta find something ol' Smelly Pants has done, then I've got some nasty science thing to study about where the earth comes from and what global warming is all about, and then some stooopid math stuff about percentages and junk. Geesh, now I know what a vice president has to do, study stoopid stuff."