Thursday, July 17, 2008

It takes a Brit

The official account of the opening session is on ACNS and is imaginatively titled "The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams opens the Lambeth Conference."

from "Lambeth - what happened on Wednesday" at Thinking Anglicans.

Thank you Simon Sarmiento (who should be ranked far higher than No. 46 on The List) for my M.D.R. of dry British humor.


Jane R said...

Absolutely. He should be far closer to the top.

Did you see Jim Naughton's piece on him?

klady said...

Yes, indeed. I think my hyperlink (on "No. 46 on The List" goes to Naughton's article). Simon's tireless efforts at collecting Anglican news are extraordinary. Unfortunately I often cannot bring myself to read it all, even though he's very good at highlighting the critical bits and linking out to the details.

Jane R said...

Ooh, sorry, I didn't click on the hyperlink. I assumed it was to the Telegraph list. Hasty reading.