Thursday, June 19, 2008

For the Bible Tells Me So

For the Bible Tells Me So is going to be shown twice next week at a local movie theater, sponsored by our Pride organization. In anticipation of the event and the open forum to follow, we were loaned a dvd copy to see at home.

I'd read glowing reviews and comments about the film before, yet, even so, I was surprised at how powerful it was. It comes across on many levels, to Christians, to parents, to children, to gay and straight. So many stories, so many remarkable individuals.

While there is much I could comment on, what hit most forcefully in the end was simply the character and witness of Bishop Gene Robinson. There are days when I want to give up on the church and would just as soon focus on civil rights and justice in the secular world. But somehow whenever I hear or read what Gene has said, I sense something so much larger than him. And those scenes of his consecration, the strains of what I hear as "our" music, reinforces not just my joy and pride that this happened in the Episcopal Church, but my faith as well. He carries with him a mantle of saintliness -- not in the popular sense of coming close to perfection but rather a glow of the holy. Listening to him is as if being touched by the light.

As Lambeth approaches, I can only wonder that his person and his voice are not going to be at the heart of the gathering, in direct communication with bishops from around the world, those who need to hear and see him most. He will be there on the outside and I'm sure will be a powerful witness in other kinds of ways. I can only pray that the likes of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York will let him into their hearts and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the pond, this wonderful film is finding its way to all sorts of out of the way places, like our city. I can only say thank you Bishop Robinson.

[I'd strongly recommend viewing this film at local theaters, supporting pride organizations, and/or purchasing the dvd from the link provided above. However, for those unable to see it otherwise, it appears to be available at google videos here, as well.]


johnieb said...

I think he will be at the center of this conference, in a profound way, as the one about whom everyone is thinking and, in ways subtle or not, responding to.

It is only for this reason anybody gives a damn about this Lambeth. Poor little wretched Archbishop!

Father David Heron said...

The Press are bound to gravitate towards the one who is rejected. Gene will probably get more publicity than the rest of them put together!

klady said...

With a little help from Gandalf ;)