Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marx calls it offside

1972 Monty Python sketch, "The Philosophers' Football Match"

Late addition. My resident football player brought this to my attention. They showed it in school today, too late, however for Karl Marx Day.

Actually, I like the part about carding Nietzsche the best.

It may be old news for most people, especially the U.K. crowd, but it had me in stitches. Although not listed on the roster, I think that the inestimable Archbishop Rowan Williams might have been on the field somewhere.


clumber said...

Thanks for posting the clip - it is brilliant! But your analysis finding Rowan might have been on the field seems premature. He surely was not on the side of the Greeks, as there was too much emotion, movement, and (frankly) winning going on there.

Now the Germans might have substituted him in late in the game, as his starry eyed meditations seemed to fit in with their game... wait, was he the chap playing goal who turned away when the game was on the line?

Aha, I think we have it! If only he could have moved rather than ignoring the game...

klady said...

Yes, that may have been him in goal.

Actually, I first thought I "saw" him wandering aimlessly in the first bit (maybe as Socrates?), but you're right, they finally figured out the game and scored.