Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking a break

From blogging, that is. It's been a very busy week writing articles in advance so I can be "free" to leave today to go to a conference, where I must work, attend classes, and give a presentation. When I finally come home at the end of next week, there will be more work to catch up on for the following week. What fun. Meanwhile, the saga of Anglicana no doubt will grind on, with or without my attentive eye. I will, however, return.


Anonymous said...

You'll be missed! I always enjoy reading you, even though I don't comment too often.

Enjoy your break.

klady said...

Thanks so much, and glad to know you visit. Wish it had been more of a real break, instead of sitting in sessions all day, skirting colleagues' anxieties about how the conference was going, and spending my evenings trying to keep my daughter happy. But it was nice to get away.