Tuesday, March 18, 2008

War Against Women

War Against Women, 60 Minutes, January 13, 2008

"Why would somebody do that? Why would somebody shoot a woman inside?" Cooper asks.

"In the beginning I was asking myself the same question. This is a show of force, of power, it's done to destroy the person," Dr. Mukwege says. "Sex is being used to commit evil. People flee. They become refugees. They can't get help, they become malnourished and it's disease which finishes them off."

Women for Women, an organization helping women who survive to rebuild their lives.


o-mom said...

For a mere $27 a month you too can change the world. I have been a tiny part of this organization for several years. I have sponsored women that I corresponded with and women I did not. Women I had a relationship with for 2 years and women I sponsored for only 8 weeks of education. Christian women and Muslim women. Widowed women and married women. They have started sewing businesses and one involving chickens, soap-making and charcoal making. They all attend classes and learn what they need to learn. They become self-supporting. It's easy. $27 a month.

klady said...

Yes, I'm going to do it, too. I wish I knew of this earlier. Sometimes one doesn't know where to begin, but this makes sense to me, where my heart is, which is not always a reliable guide, but I do not think I can go wrong here.