Thursday, November 1, 2007


Anna Lisa came home two days ago and last night attended the semi-finals game of the boys' varsity soccer Sectional championship games. She not only is doing well but, in the midst of the usual tumult in the stands during a hotly contested soccer match, had a remarkable conversation with her friends about her ordeal, which included questions to and answers from her friends about what they and others thought and felt about it. She is one remarkably brave and wonderful young woman.

Meanwhile... though I hesitate to mention it together with Anna Lisa, the game ended in its own kind of tragedy. Our team was ahead 4-0 at the half, having played some of the best soccer I've seen anywhere. The second half was not played so well by either team, but when there was only 7 minutes left in the game, a young (9th grade) player for our team, A.J., made the fifth goal and was (by most reports) taken down by the goalkeeper from the other team. I did not see it myself (and even if I had been looking, I would have been too far away to judge what happened, it being dark and windy). The paper this morning reported it as a "collision." In any event, A.J. was down on the field with a broken leg for a very long time until the ambulances could come and move him and take him to the hospital. Meanwhile, the other team cheered the goalkeeper who "collided" with him, and the rumors on our "side" were that the goalkeeper had kicked A.J. in the shin so hard that his shin-guard cracked in two. This is the kind of stuff I hate about soccer (and all sports, for that matter). Prayers are in order for for A.J. and his family and for better sportsmanship among all.

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