Saturday, October 20, 2007


Update on Anna Lisa - surgery was yesterday (Friday). We haven't heard anything yet but she was doing much better beforehand and the prognosis is supposed to be good. The surgery, however, was scheduled to take 3+ hours. We are keeping her in our prayers.

Finally, an end of a busy week got my mind, if not in gear, at least on to other things. My articles for work were finally tucked into bed late last night and beforehand I attended the marvellous concert Christopher Herrick gave at church last night. Christopher, who was formerly at St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey before embarking on a solo concert career, visited us three years ago and liked us enough to come back now that our organ has been refurbished (many more levels of memory added). It was a varied program -- sorry I don't have time to jot it down here. But I do recall he last listed item in the program was Sonata Erotica! Encores were some jazzy pieces by a Norwegian (if I heard correctly).

And now.... off to join the mad ones in NYC. We'll see if Mimi can really stop traffic with just a look, whether Dennis managed to bring good beer or wine in his luggage, and whether Eileen really is quiet and shy.

Until next week, when after being refreshed and inspired, I can clean this place up and get back to business.



Catherine + said...

I will pray for this young woman for God's healing and grace. You are wonderful Klady.

MikeF said...

"Encores were some jazzy pieces by a Norwegian (if I heard correctly)."

Not Jan Garbarek, by any chance? If so, you had a treat!

Rowan The Dog said...


Of course I could be looking forward to your report from New York City.


Dennis said...

we had a blast. It was great meeting you. It has to happen again is all I have to say!

Allie said...

It was great meeting you, and I think the answer to the "Is Eileen quiet and shy" question is a resounding no.

klady said...

Thanks, Catherine+. Trying to find out more about Anna Lisa now I'm back from NYC but my daughter does not seem to know much, other than the surgery must have gone o.k. Before I left one of the other girls' moms told me that Anna Lisa's mother shaved her head first before Anna Lisa did before the surgery. I thought that was lovely.

I'll have to check out the news from the parents.

Mikef -- I'm not sure what I heard -- didn't get the intro other than Christopher said he hadn't played it in public before.