Monday, July 30, 2007

Five Young Organists in Concert

These are some of our area's fine young musicians, who will be performing in an organ and piano recital next week. I just had to share and brag a little. The photo also gives you a glimpse of our sanctuary, in all of its late 19th century splendor.

Music is a vital part of our parish life, for both young as old. While gone are the days of the men and boys' choir, we continue to make glorious music with a regular choir, including both adults (men and women) and choristers (boys and girls). We are also blessed with many other talented musicians, members of the parish and good friends, who contribute to our worship services and, on occasion, perform concerts.

This is next Monday night's program:

Toccata in E Minor: Johann Pachelbel
Triptych for Organ: Gordon Young
(Praeludium - Lied - Toccata)
Timothy’s Tune: Stephen H. Best

Für Annelise: Stephen H. Best
Toccata in D Minor: Johann Sebastian Bach

Meditation: Stephen H. Best
Cody’s Carillon: Stephen H. Best

Hopak: Modest Mussorgsky (piano duet)

Celebration Fanfare: Stephen H. Best
Prelude in G Minor: Johann Sebastian Bach
Finale: Janet Correll

Epilogue sur un thème de Frescobaldi pour pédale solo: Jean Langlais
Prière à Notre Dame: Léon Boëllmann
Carillon-Sortie: Henri Mulet

Wish you could all join us.


And speaking of great musicians, welcome to the blogosphere,
David Charles Walker at On The Beach

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Ed said...

How wonderful to see this group of young organists! The program looks great, and the customized pieces are tantalizing. Thanks for this encouraging report.

The church looks lovely, too :-)