Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Essentials

"Change the world in the name of Christ; critique what's unjust and offer strength and comfort to the despairing; engage in transforming ministry. This is what we are called to do. Let's get on with it."

Fr. Jake


Dennis said...

sounds good to me.

klady said...

Thanks Dennis for stopping by. I ran across Jake's remarks after finally putting this together and was left speechless. I hope to get over it soon. It's a mystery to me how you all get these blogs up and running and then keep up with them.

Dennis said...

sometimes it is hard. I'm officially not blogging today (as you saw on my site) but I continue to go see what everyone else is up to and saying. It is weird. I never understood how people could talk about "knowing" someone online and yet I seem to have found a community of people around MadPriests and Fr Jakes. I'll see something and think, "oh, I should post that. so-and-so would be interested" and yet I've never met these people face to face. Very weird, eh?

by the way, thanks for linking to me. I'll add your site to my blogroll, too, if thats ok.

klady said...

Thanks, Dennis. It is strange -- I've been reading Jake and MadPriest daily for such a long time that I feel like I know people whom I've hardly ever exchanged words with, let alone met in so-called real life. It's so lovely to receive a "virtual" welcome from you all.

When I first ventured online several years ago (not coincidentally when I moved a thousand miles away and started telecommuting back to the office near Chicago), I got to know some people at a particular forum from places like California, Florida, Arkansas, and the U.K. and later met them in person. I was pleased and (the skeptic in me) a little surprised to find that they were all very much the wonderful people I knew from their online writings.

I've been wondering for some time whether anything ever came of your idea to bring Episopal bloggers (and lurkers?) together this September. I suppose it's rather late to start collecting bottle and can deposits for Maddy and Mrs. Maddy (do you think they'd travel by sea, if not air?).

Dennis said...

re: the gathering.
I've been afraid to pick that subject up again. I'm starting my dissertation this fall and I'm about to pick up an interesting position with a really challenging client base so I'm thinking about quietly letting it fall to the side.

If it could be in Chicago it would be easier for me to arrange. I just don't know much about New Jersey. But I could put together such a weekend in Chicago in a few days.

I should put up a note on my blog today asking folks what they would think about meeting in Chicago in Sept.